At let it be chiropractic, we do things a little bit differently than you’re probably accustomed to! We believe in providing the best quality care and we do not guess with your health!

On the first visit…

  • When you arrive with your paperwork filled out you will be warmly greeted by the team.

  • You will be taken on an office tour so that you know where everything is and can make yourself at home whenever you come in.

  • You will be taken into an examination room where Dr. Ashley will sit down with you for a one-on-one consultation.

  • After the consultation, dr. ashley will begin the examination.

  • We have in-house x-ray. We do not like to guess with your health and may decide to take x-rays.

  • This visit will last anywhere between 30-45 minutes.

On the second visit…

  • Dr. Ashley will sit down with you and give you a report of the findings. This will be a detailed explanation of all the findings from the consultation, examination, and x-rays. We will also discuss the effects of stress and toxins in your environment and how it is affecting your health!

  • Dr. Ashley will lay out your unique, personalized care plan for you and will discuss goals and expectations.

  • We believe in total transparency, so we will talk finances and give you the breakdown of the cost! Because we love seeing the whole family, we offer family care plans to help with budget planning.

  • And the most exciting part!… You will receive your first adjustment!

Subsequent visits…

  • Time is valuable and we want to respect yours! there will be little to no wait to see Dr. Ashley.

  • You will be called back to the adjusting bay, where you will be adjusted and discuss any concerns you may have with the doctor.

  • Dr. Ashley will explain exactly what she is adjusting and why so that you are informed at all times.

Lifelong health…

  • Once we have corrected your spine and you have passed all physical examinations, Dr. Ashley will give you the option of receiving wellness care to maintain the work you’ve put in and live a long, healthy life!

As one of Lawton-Fort Sill’s leading health experts, we invite you to experience true health that only comes when your nervous system is free and clear of interference.